Privacy Policy

The MALQ Network may record some information about your visit to any of the Websites published by this service. That information may include the IP address from which you visited, the Web pages you looked at, the browser you use, and what operating system you use. Other information may also be recorded.

The MALQ Network does not sell or share your private information with other parties, except as may be required by law enforcement or legal court orders.

Some or all of the Websites on The MALQ Network may carry advertising, either placed there by our users or by The MALQ Network. The advertising may be served by The MALQ Network or by a third party service. A third party advertising network like Google Adsense may collect your private information, including analysis of the text on the pages you view, to determine what types of advertising you may be most likely to favor.

Third party advertising networks make frequent use of “cookies”. A cookie is a data setting in your browser that is associated with a specific Website or advertising network. This US government Website explains how you may opt out of allowing Websites to set cookies in your browser.

Google offers more information about how to opt out of advertising cookies their services may set.

This privacy policy is provided by The MALQ Network for your benefit and remains in effect while published on this Website. We reserve the right to change the policy as required by law or contractual relationship without prior notice to our visitors and users.

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